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  • CQC – Cast Quality Control 

electronics CQC 

Process data measuring system for standardised process parameter acquisition independent of the machine manufacturer. Sensor networks and OPC interfaces to various peripherals. 

OPC-UA is the new standard for data communication. It lets you understand and use your data easily, no matter what operating system you have. At ELECTRONICS GmbH, we have implemented our measuring system as an OPC-UA server, which gives you real-time access to the measured curves and evaluated data. With our system, you can enjoy the benefits of OPC-UA and get the most out of your data.

CQC – Cast Quality Control measuring systems

Do you want to optimise your casting processes and reduce costs? If so, you need the ELECTRONICS CQC measuring software. It is a powerful tool that visualises your casting data in real-time and alerts you when something goes wrong. With our software, you can:

  • See the casting parameters in colour next to the measurement curves.
  • Zoom into the graph to detect even the smallest fluctuations in the values.
  • Identify and correct any problems that occur based on the analysis of the measurement curves.
  • Stop the casting cell automatically when a reject part is produced.
  • Process both fast and slow signals from different sensors

Our measuring system is modular, customisable and can be configured to your requirements. You can choose from a variety of sensors for different applications. Check out our Configurator section to find out more. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your casting performance with the ELECTRONICS CQC measuring software.

General machine communication and interfaces

Our software supports both OPC-UA and other existing interfaces for data exchange. You can use OPC-UA for new communication tasks, or choose from the following options for legacy systems:

  • Use OPC-DA to exchange marker texts, process variables, tolerances and signals with Bühler controllers.
  • Use RFC 1006 to exchange data with S7 controllers, such as Frech, Italpresse, Westofen, Pfeiffer, or TIA portal controllers.
  • Send marker texts directly to markers via serial interfaces, such as Borries
  • Use Beckhoff ADS (coming soon) for data exchange.