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Digital position sensor system  

Digital position sensor system


Digitales Weg-Mess-System


Robust incremental stroke sensor for recording plunger movements

Supply voltage 24 VCC ± 20%
Output voltage 24 V
Maximum speed travel 10 m/s
Scanning accuracy 1/10 mm
Diameter of measuring rod 30mm
Material Aluminium
  squeezer sensor

squeezer sensor

NEW: Sensor for Squeezer Stroke 

The Sensor for Squeezer Stroke EHS0600 (above, left) is able to withstand temperatures up to 175ºC. Due
to the small dimensions it can be easily installed.
It has an “ad hoc “connection switch for the Squeezer EHS0605 ( please refer right above )
The connection switch is made of two modules. The first is a regulated voltage for the Stroke Sensor. The
second module is a 10V 1:1 amplifier.
The voltage module has a voltage output of 10VDC which adjusts precisely in line with the stroke sensor due
to the help of a potentiometer.

Type EHS0600 EHS0601 EHS602 EHS0603
Measuring Range 12,5mm 25,0mm 50,0mm 75,0mm
Length I62,5mm 75mm 100mm 125mm
Resistor ± 20% 1,25KΩ 2,5KΩ 5,0KΩ 7,5KΩ
Draftee length 82,5mm 95mm 120mm 145mm
Weight 24g 26g 29g 33g
Protection class IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67

Mould Separation Stroke Sensor

Mould Separation Stroke Sensor

NEW: Mould Separation Stroke Sensor

This sensor monitors mould movement during the injection process. During the process It indicates any
occurring mould separation in few parts. The sensor operating temperature can be up to 185ºC and it can be
positioned at any point in the mould frame. It is recommended, to mount the sensors into the 4 corners of the
mould frame or onto places where mechanical changes or stress are being expected. The sensor is capable
of featuring high resolution in the sub-micro-meter range. This enable to highlights various possible technical
issues\ problems. ( e.g. missing parallelism, change of the closing gap during thermal fluctuations of the
mould, wear or problems with the closing part.) Please be aware that this sensor is suitable for 3-plating
machines as well as 2-plating machines.

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