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Metal front temperature sensors by electronics gmbh  

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  Metal front temperature sensors by electronics gmbh

Metal front temperature sensors by electronics gmbh

ELECTRONICS Metal front temperature sensors

The mould temperature is one of the most important parameters in the casting process. This can be monitored, measured and registered by fitting the metal front temperature sensors developed by ELECTRONICS. These sensors work on the basis of NiCr-Ni elements and have a medium response time. They are robust and therefore meet all the demands for use in the casting process.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Guarantee the quality of die-cast parts
  • Minimise rejects
  • Longer mould service life
  • Information received directly from the mould
  • High repetition accuracy
  • High efficiency
  • Transparency of mould-filling process

Add-on kit

Booster module to be mounted near the mould, with sensor.

  temperatur flächensensor Surface temperature sensor from Electronics

This sensor is mainly used to acquire and monitor the temperature of filling sockets, batching equipments or metal pumps where it is best characterised by its high efficiency and accuracy.

  temperatur flächensensor NEW: Temperature sensor small 2,5mm

The fast metal front sensor is a sensor to measure the temperature inside the cavity. Due to the small size of
its diameter the temperature can be retrieved by direct contact with the most remote spots within the mould.

Thermocouple: NICR – NI Type K
Diameter: 2,5 mm
Length of the measuring sleeve: 10mm
Isolation according to IEC 584 Class 3
Cable Length: L = 4 m
Temperature + 400°C max
  temperatur flächensensor NEW: CTS Clamp Temperature Sensor

This sensor measures the temperature of pipes' surface .In detail it measures the heating and cooling of a
pipe's surface or a supply pipe. It is handy to install and it is equipped with a NiCr-Ni “Type K” thermocouple.

  NEW: TFS Thermo Fluid Sensor 

It is a sensor to measure the temperature effectively within a pipe. It is fitted with a thermocouple Type K (NiCr-Ni)
and an armored connection cable. Various connectors are available.

Temperature range: bis zu +250ºC
Thermocouple: NiCr-Ni Type K
Connection cable length: 5m
Connection cable dimension: G 1/2

NEW: Temperature sensor client tailor-made 

The fast metal client tailor made sensor is a frontal sensor created according to a client design without making
new holes inside the mould. Pre-existent interchangeable inserts are replaced by tailor made ones with an
integrated sensor temperature. The advantage of this type of sensor is that you can use an unmodified
pre -existent mould.

Main Features:

Thermocouple: NICR – NI Type K
Diameter: according to clients parameter
Length of the measuring sleeve: according to clients parameter
Isolation according to: IEC 584 Class 3
Cable Length: L = 4 m
Frontal Working Temperature: + 750°C max
Working Mould Temperature: + 400°C max

NEW: Multi-Depth Temperature Sensors

This front metal temperature sensor monitors the mould temperature variations from the cavity skin to the inside of the mould .Those variations results from the injection process, spray agents and the heating/cooling. The measurement points which read the temperature are at different depths as indicated in the tab bellow. This sensor connects with 4 to 5 standard temperature connectors that send data ranging from a front contact temperature of up to 700ºC and from an inner mould temperatures of up to 500ºC. The robust body is able to withstand up to 2000 bar pressure. This allows to understand the heat conductivity characteristics of the mould. Specialized sensors with up 5 measurement points can be tailor-built up to a depth of 350 mm within the mould. The sensor has robust workmanship with strong cable protection.

Sensor Measurement Point Depths
EHS0083-7 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 mm
EHS0083-9 0, 1, 2, 4, 6 mm


  NEW: Mould Temperature Sensor

Universal sensor to measure mould and mould inserts temperature with adjustable depths to a maximum of
300 mm with strong cable protection.


Thermocouple: NICR – NI Type K
Diameter: 5 mm
Isolation according to IEC 584 Klasse 1
Mantled tube Length: F = 300 mm
Cable Length: L = 5 m
Temperatue + 350°C max


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