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Measuring rings for tie bar measuring


For quick and efficient measuring of the shutting power of your die-casting machines

The values measured are shown analogously and also include changes to the pressure on the individual tie bars following injection.
The new measuring rings are based on the well-proven "Strain-Mate™" principle. Specially developed strain gauges are pressed onto the surface to be measured – and the surface is measured directly and without calibration.

The installation is a simple matter:

The sensor is clamped around the shaft to be measured with a preset clamping force, the cable is connected, and the measuring can be carried out.
The output signal consists of expansion units (µ = microstrain), like all our expansion sensors. The surface to be measured does not need to be chemically clean like in the case of strain gauges which are adhered: Cleaning the surface with a little solvent suffices. All parts of the sensor are made of rust-free material.

Used only in conjunction with ELECTRONICS 8-channel Product Control.
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