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Hydraulic booster • Core puller pressure multiplicator

The following models are available:

The advantages of CPB:

1. Smaller core puller cylinders can be used
CPB results in a 50 - 100% power increase for releasing the slide which in turn brings the following advantages:

  • Smaller, less expensive core puller cylinders can be used
  • Core puller moves more quickly
  • Higher productivity

2. Fewer malfunctions
The power needed to release the slides greatly depends on the temperature of the die. Problems often occur during the start-up of a mould that can be eliminated with CPB.

3. Simple installation
Should a core puller problem occur, CPB is simple to install.

4. Pressure multiplication
Only in one direction of the core puller – without the need for complex controlling

5. Trouble-free operation
as CPB has only a small number of component parts

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