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Product Control


Measuring, regulating and controlling technical casting process parameters on die-casting machines

For technical casting process parameters on die-casting machines in particular, a high scanning frequency is decisive for maximum speed in registering and calculating injection parameters. This calls for more than just the use of fast, high-performance computers. Wide expertise in the field of casting and extensive experience are also vital in providing the reliability that manufacturers of die-cast parts need for their production.
The extremely ambitious goals therefore not only become attainable – fast acquisition, analysis, regulation and control of process data means that they really can be achieved.
Successful die-casting is when the process runs reliably.

The Product Control
measuring system from ELECTRONICS offers "measurable" advantages:

  • Improved quality of the die-cast parts
  • Optimal reproducibility
  • High process stability
  • Minimises rejects
  • Clear documentation
  • Reduces strain on the machine
  • High productivity and thus profitability

Technical highlights:

  • High scanning frequency and calculating capacity
  • Fast measuring and calculation of parameters
  • Recording hydraulic malfunctions
  • Recording malfunctions in the injection system
  • Realistic representation
  • Constant monitoring of the most important parameters
  • Network-compatible system
  • Adaptable to the die-casting machine in question
8- and 16-channel device
4- and 8-channel device

8- and 16-channel Satellite
(fitted to machine)



Operator gets easily informed of preset process thresholds transgression. Red shows which parameter gets out of preset and authorized range. By green is everything okay (within preset range).

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