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LMS Sensor by electronics

LMS Sensor by electronics


LMS Sensor Anwendung
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Is the mould actually evacuated, if vacuum is used?

Our new air quantity sensor gives you peace of mind. (Narrowing in the suction line can cause underpressure)

AIR PIPE fitted with an LMS-01

The fundamental idea of mould evacuation is to extract air from a mould in a short space of time.

However it should be noted that the combination of a high extraction volume and small cross sections at the outlet points (washboard, air valves or the mould ingate) can cause a blocking effect that leads to a vacuum and thus to a false report. If the 2nd phase is released because a vacuum has supposedly been achieved and the air has not been fully removed from the mould, then the quality of the vacuum cast parts is very questionable. It therefore makes sense to measure the amount of air extracted from a mould rather than the vacuum occurring.

This led to the development of the LMS which measures the actual amount of air in the mould during the de-airing and therefore makes the vacuum system more reliable.

This type of measurement allows additional values such as air leakage in the mould, a clogged up filter in the vacuum pipe and other faults that can occur to be recorded and displayed.

LMS technical data • Type: LMS-01

  • Supply voltage: 12 V (DC)
  • Current consumption: 800 mA
  • Output signal: 0 - 5 V
  • Wide measurement range
  • High sensitivity, especially to small flow changes
  • Non-wearing, as no moving parts
  • Resistant to dirt
  • High working temperature (temperature compensated)
  • Measuring accuracy 5%
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